Juanjo Molina is a Spanish Music Composer specialised in Film Scoring and Visual Media with experience as an arranger, orchestrator and conductor.

Juanjo has an MA in Film Scoring and Visual Media at Pulse College in Dublin, an MA in Musical Creation and Performing at Rey Juan Carlos Univ., a BA Hons in Audiovisual Communication and a BA in Music Education at Complutense Univ., and a Degree in Audio Engineering at CEV. Apart of that, he has Music studies focussed in Arranging, Harmony, Piano (classic and Jazz), Voice (classic and modern) and Bass Guitar. Form September 2015 is studying a MA in Film Scoring and Visual Media in Pulse College, Dublín (Ireland).

His experience as a Composer in Visual Media and a Songwriter includes Scores for films, TV series, Shorts, Documentaries, Video games, commercials and Musical Theatre shows. 

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